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First lady of Polish electronic scene. She started as a DJ and MC in late 90. As a vocalist, she came to be known for her numerous collaborations, especially with Smolik and Fisz. Her first band was called Futro but it didn’t last more than the well-received debut album. In 2006 she started her solo career as Novika, releasing three albums: Tricks Of Life, Lovefinder (2010) and a remix album Mixfinder (2011). The last two were awarded with a prestigious Fryderyk Award. In 2013 came another, more mature record called “Heart Times”.
Meanwhile, Novika also featured on tracks by artists known across the world: Lovebirds (This Time/ Toolroom), Marcin Czubala (Stay Close/Mobilee), Hot Toddy (Miss Mood /Nu Indee).  The remix of “Miss Mood” by Satin Jackets was released on several worldwide compilations. After a few digital releases, she is signed to Warner Music and comes back in 2019 with a new album called “Bez Cukru”.
Novika has played at main Polish festivals: Audioriver, Open’er, Selector, Tauron New Music Festival, Snowfest. Almost every weekend she also performs as an improvising vocalist with Mr.Lex. Radio has also been Novika’s passion for years, she has worked for many stations in Poland, now she hosts her show in Chilli Zet radio.

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