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Otsochodzi is one of the most interesting Polish rappers of the young generation, valued by both professionals and the audience. The last one is proved by the enormous number of people who listened to his songs on YouTube and platinum album, which his second official album “Nowy Kolor” achieved. His distinguishing features: interesting timbre of voice, unconventional flow and a tendency to experiment.

He had his debut in 2015 after releasing the underground album “7”, which almost immediately opened his career path. Soon after it, the artist also known as Młody Jan signed a contract with Asfalt Records. It was with them that he released his official debut “Slam” (2016) and subsequent albums: “New Color” (2017) and “Love” (2019), presenting new standards in Polish newschool hip-hop. So far, Otsochodzi has cooperated with, among others, Pezet, Ten Typ Mes, Włodi, Taco Hemingway, Flirtini, schafter, Jan-rapowanie and Rosalie. He performed  at events such as the Open’er Festival and Hip-Hop Kemp. Otsochodzi’s new album titled “2011” will be released in the springtime.

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