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Palmer Eldritch is a duo of music producers established in 2011. Artists draw their inspiration from hip-hop to krautrock, psychedelic rock and ambient, finishing with shoegaze and techno. The group has already been noticed by such online publications (cgm.pl, T-Mobile Music), regular magazines (“Noise Magazine” and “Estrada i Studio”) as well as dozens of recognized music blogs and fan pages.

Their latest LP “Natural Disaster” released in January 2017 is available as a free download. The album reflects their current inspirations and puts emphasis on tribal resonance and progressive compositional structure characteristic for krautrock.

The duo is also known for composing short movie music scores (i.e. “Olbrzym” and “Colaholic” directed by Marcin Podolec).

Their performances combine the best of electronic live-acts and instrumental improvisation.

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