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Paweł Izdebski – a vocalist, a left-handed guitarist, a singer-songwriter, a composer and a youtuber. 30yo debutant from Wiązowna (near Warsaw) was until now known as a vocalist of Studio Accantus or an ex-guitarist of Ralph Kaminski. Today he offers his original work while touring with his band on “Niewiarygodny Tour” – a nationwide tour promoting “@strach”, Pawel’s original album that was released this January.


Folk-rock-ish, lively sounds based on guitars and string instruments, topped with the distinctive, addictive vocal of Izdebski. The album does not contain a synthetic sound or a gram of inauthenticity – both in music and lyrics. The emotional overtones of Izdebski’s ‘@strach’ songs will not let you pass by this suggestion. Paweł Izdebski’s concerts are a breath of freshness and quality on the Polish alternative scene.


“I have the impression that we realize too late, how much time we lose and how little of it we have. I strongly believe that one of the songs will break you to such an extent that you confess love to the right person, vacuum the instrument that has been in the attic for years or call a person who is as afraid as you are.”Paweł Izdebski about his album “@strach”.

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