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PROVINZ POSEN is a new project and album of musicians known from the bands such as Muchy and Afro Kolektyw which combines electronics with traditional Greater Poland folk music.

PROVINZ POSEN is the Greater Poland dance music one hundred years later. Most of the sounds used on the record are the samples of traditional instruments (bagpipe, clarinet, violin).

Complemented by original arrangements based on electronic sounds the music takes on a new artistic value. The album refers stylistically to artists such as Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins or Dead Can Dance.

The album is promoted by the first single “Moje życie”, the firt live performance will take place during the Enea Spring Break festival, on April 25 in Poznań. The release of the whole album is planned for the Spring of 2019. The whole project is supported by the funds from Marshall’s Office of Greater Poland Voivodship and City of Poznań on the 100th anniversary of Greater Poland Uprising.

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