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Ralph Kamiński is a singer, songwriter and composer, who creates an original music that reminds of artistic pop with elements of film music, strongly connected with the sounds of violin and piano.


Ralph is a graduate of the Music Academy in Gdańsk at the Faculty of Jazz and Stage Music, he also studied at the CODARTS Music University in Rotterdam.


He won many prestigious awards such as the Grand Prix of the international CARPATHIA 2011 festival or the main prize at the FAMA 2013 International Artistic Campus. In 2014 he was also nominated for the artNoble award in the music category. In 2019, Ralph Kamiński won the Grand Prix of the Acting Interpretation Competition of the Golden Toucan Song and Audience Toucan during the 40th Actor Song Review in Wroclaw.


After the widely recognized debut “m o r z e” it is a time for its successor … The premiere of the album “Youth” was on 22 November, 2019 and was well received by both Ralph fans and music reviewers. So far, the album has been promoted by the singles “Kosmiczne Energie” and “Wszystkiego Najlepszego”. Currently, the “Młodość” tour is taking place and during it Ralph will visit over dozen places.

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