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We have dreamed of forming a band together ever since we were children. We were all raised on a steady diet of the “Tie Break” sound – a cult Polish punk-jazz band co-created by our fathers. None of us could imagine a life off stage; it had seemed only a matter of time before we would follow in the footsteps of our parents.

“Santabarbara” is the fruit of our joint quest in search of our own sound and understanding of music and creative process. Each one of us has been preoccupied with their own individual musical projects and we have waited many years for the moment we would all stand together on stage and tell our story. This is that moment.

“Santabarbara” is the newest project from the second generation of Pospieszalskis (all descended from the musical Pospieszalski family) conceived by cousins Łukasz, Marek, Szczepan and Nikodem Pospieszalski. Marrying diverse musical backgrounds (each working in different genres and styles ranging from, broadly defined, popular music, electronic, classical to folk and avant-garde improvisation) the project aims to combine synthesised sound with acoustic drums and male vocals.

Our goal is to write songs without falling back on formal or compositional clichés. Every song prioritises melody and harmony, which we attempt to approach in unconventional ways. Our sound is inspired by the music of James Blake, Radiohead, Metronomy, The Beatles, as well as purely electronic music and even techno. “Santabarbara” is our playground, where we endeavour to fuse all those seemingly contradictory ideas into a consistent whole; an experiment that will – we hope – give birth to something fresh and new.

At present the band functions as a trio (Szczepan, Łukasz, Nikodem) and works on recording their first album which is scheduled to be released in 2019.

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