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Sidney Polak – a sociologist born in Warsaw, eulogist of his native city and a Chomiczowka – city district where he grew up. Musician, songwriter, composer and music producer. Since the early 90s an active member of T.Love – one of the most influential Polish rock bands. In 2004 he embarked on his solo career by releasing his debut studio album “Sidney Polak” which won three Fryderyk Polish Music Awards for Best Author, Best Composer and Album of the Year – alternative music. His music style draws influences from a variety genres including reggae, hip-hop, rock and urban folk.
Recently he released his 3rd studio album which is a great come back after a few years break. Music style on the new album titled “3” refers expressly to the debut album and presents with passion all aspects of big city life, however current lyrics shifted towards events that had occurred in his personal life, such as relationships failures or longing, but also a deep love, joy and happiness.
2019 is a year of intensive promotion of the latest album, so you can expect to see few new music videos and several dozen gigs in Poland and abroad.

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