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Siostry-Łotry are hard to pigeonhole. It’s an alternative in which we hear all different kinds of influences – jazz, folk and classical music but also rock, hip-hop or even punk. The sisters are a weird formation the world needs. It’s the kind of music that doesn’t try to be overwhelming by forcing all other sounds surrounding us away but rather cleverly sneaks in using the back doors of our minds. And then straight into the hearts.

The topics are not always nice and easy but the sisters implement them in such a grateful way that one cannot help but dance to the final thing. The humanistic song was created for the sisters’ own needs and purposes.

When asked why the „humanistic song” genre, they answer: because it’s simply from one human to another. Siostry-Łotry in a light, often playful way, touch on topics which simply beg for a comment.

Julia Kępisty vocal, cello, ukulele
Maria Kępisty vibraphone, microkorg, flute, vocal
Karol Gadzało double bass, bas, moog
Marcin Wippich drums

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