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S K Y a.k.a. sorrowkillsyouth is an electronic music producer based in Warsaw, Poland. She treats the project as a sonic exorcism of her fears and sorrow. Through the musical language of nightmares and dreams, the sound of haunting vocal harmonies and cinematic, gloomy synths, she struggles to reconcile with ghosts of the past and put to sleep her inner demons. S K Y’s songs are reminiscent of a soundtrack for an unreleased season of Twin Peaks and would please the fans of such artists as Grouper, Zola Jesus, Nicole Dollanganger, Tropic of Cancer or newer Andy Stott.
S K Y’s discography includes a 2017 debut EP, “lullabies”, a standalone 13 minutes long cinematic piece titled “c r a v e”, composed to movie scenes, as well as recently released longplay album “p  r  e y”. Apart from producing her own music, S K Y is also responsible for most of the visual aspects of her project, including three released videos.
Since her live debut in June 2017, S K Y played over 40 concerts, both in her home country and abroad, performing alongside such artist as Bleib Modern, Soft Kill or Xarah Dion. She’s also a member of electronic duo Garden Of and actively supports other musicians as a booker under U n i c o r n moniker.

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