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Sosnowski,  the phenomenal one man band from Warsaw, compared to artists such as Joe Cocker or Tom Waits. His songs, for example ‘Where Do We Go’, ‘Głową w dół’, or ‘Gniew’ not only won the hearts of many listeners but also drew attention of famous Polish music journalists such us Bogdan Fabianski, Piotr Kaczkowski, Wojciech Mann, Piotr Metz and Piotr Stelmach.

This musician, songwriter and experienced guitarist is known for his characteristic, hoarse vocal. His debut album was recorded entirely on equipment that fits in one travel bag – hence its name: ‘The Hand Luggage Studio’. It’s a mixture of catchy, energetic roots rock, blues, bluegrass with country elements. His concerts are a kind of live acts during which he tells his songs’ stories. On the stage he sings, plays guitar, bass drum and tambourine simultaneously.

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