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A teen who is in love with retro music, brought up on the songs of Zbigniew Wodecki, Alicja Majewska and Anna Jantar. He sings and plays drums. At the same time! He plays rock, but he is also inspired by classical music, rap and Polish big beat. He composes with rock’n’roll flair and has an ear for catchy melodies. He writes lyrics himself but he also plays the piano and clarinet. Together with the team, he won all competitions and talent reviews in which he participated. On stage, he is accompanied by bass player Agnieszka Kamińska and guitarist Robert Ostoja-Lniski. Stach Bukowski also performed at one of the most exclusive concerts Sofar Warsaw by Firestone with Ofelia and Margaret. “Sofar by Firestone” transforms everyday places – from home salons to shops and the underground of restaurants – into small concert halls. In Poland, concerts were held, among others in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw. Musicians such as Brodka, XXANAXX, Kortez, Ralph Kaminski and Fismoll have also performed for a small group of fans.

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