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Swiernalis – this character debuted in 2016 when Kayax record label released his debut album with the mysterious title “Drauma”.

This singer, songwriter and instrumentalist for 4 years has been discovering next stages of his musical path and companions coping with his expectations. In the meantime, he released 3 singles ‘Pergamin’, ‘Blizny’, ‘Szaleniec’ (feat. Michał Kmieciak), experimenting with the sound and not letting the listeners forget about it. He is currently preparing to release his second album in springtime 2020, which heralds a faster and more electronic chapter in his music.


A foretaste of the new album is the song “Blizny”, which can be heard on radio stations throughout Poland, and which tells the story of the end of unhappy love and wounds that people inflict on themselves in bad relationships. In addition to “Scar”, Swiernalis will present several new songs, as well as two singles from the first album – holiday “Wild Palms” and a disturbing case study of the disease in “Sierści”. All this in a harmonious quintet in which Adam Świerczyński (Rosalie, Jimek) hits the bass strings and Kacper Budziszewski (Fismoll) the lighter ones. The rods are wielded by Adam Fordon, and the sounds of the piano and synthesizers better than the build mode in Sims are played by Szymon Siwierski (MIST).

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