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Syny (Sons of a…) is a duo composed of producer 1988 and rapper and producer Robert Piernikowski. They’ve debuted in 2015 with an album “Orient” (Latarnia Records), stirring many discussions and controversy.

“If you won’t orientate – it’s gonna be bad” – we are warned by Piernikowski in the title song of the first album; this track is key to understanding of the Orient Philosophy. Whole album is full of hidden meanings and follow-ups which we successively discover with every listening. We get familiar with many characters – for instance, a worried persona of the Sorrowful Son, who accompanies us along lyrics about helplessness, trivial failures, frustrations, family and rap. “Orient” ends with a catastrophic track “Świnoujście”, which has a tragic sinking of a ship “Heweliusz” in the backstory.

The Orient Philosophy continues with their second album – “Sen” (also Latarnia Records) is the 4th part of their Saga. It is preceded by two solo albums of the members: “No Fun” by Piernikowski and “Gruda” by 1988. The newest addition is Piernikowski’s solo „The best of moje getto

Opening track, „Nag Champa”, is a short parable about “crossing to the other side” – known in pop culture from works like Wolfgang Petersen’s “Neverending Story”. This song, which title is a reference to the popular Indian incense, is somewhat of an entrance to the universe of Syny’s tale, which we uncover while descending into the “Sen” album. In a way it is a collection of stories about friendship, love, hatred, longing, adversities, adventures and meditating the world, in which simple fates of our heroes become lyrical myths.

For Syny, vibes and atmosphere are the most important. No one could be indifferent to their visionary productions, because Syny are an emotional phenomenon – it is proven by the extraordinary, immersed in their specific aura concerts.

Since their debut Syny are incessantly spreading their Philosophy, playing also abroad in Germany, Czechia and Slovakia, and performing at festivals like Unsound, Off Festival, Colours of Ostrava, Fusion Festival, Boiler Room and many more. Multitudes who are taken by them become dedicated and loyal fans, called “the Delegates of the Orient”.

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