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The Cassino was formed by Piotr Dawidek and Hubert Wiśniewski in Braniewo in 2013. Two-piece project (drums, guitar/vocals), later extended by a bassist, started gaining momentum after performing on 11th Must Be The Music edition. “Guy on the vocals is magnificent” – said Adam Sztaba about Hubert. Since being established, the band played their own compositions, experimenting with rock, blues and indie. Their debut EP – “The Cassino” was published in 2017. Mid 2018, new bassist – Michał Badecki – joined the band. Recently, The Cassino played at Studio Muzyczne Polskiego Radia im. Agnieszki Osieckiej as a part of „Start NaGranie” contest. Currently the band is working on a new EP titled “Zima”, which will consist of songs with lyrics written in Polish and will be released in Spring 2019.

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