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Under the wings of Rebecka Rolfart (vocals and guitar) you’ll find the quartet The Hanged Man with Elias Jungqvist (synthezisers), Dennis Egberth (drums and percussion) and Mattias Gustavsson (bass). Since 2013 the band has played their nightmarely beautiful pop music – in a borderline of sorrow, strength, pain, fragility, vigor, mysticism and fantasy. Into the light the songs has been lured out from the secret corners of the heart and from the deepest well the soul shelters, to be immortalised in this world with shiny rainment. In November 2014 the first mini album “First Quarter Moon” arrived, followed by the cassette EP “Lord Have Mercy” in January 2016 – both via Kning Disk/Telegram. The debut album “Of Blood Is Full” was released in September 2017 via Dubious Records. It was recorded by Max-Måns Wikman at an old winery – now an artist residency and studio – called Palazzo Stabile in the north of Italy. The first single ‘Good Dreams’ from the upcoming album is out November 15th together with an amazing one shot video made by Michelle Eismann and Per Kristiansen. This first track, as the entire album in fact, deals with the time of change and loss. It is about the time during great loss, the inner and outer changes you’ll face, the feelings that arises and the fact you can’t hold on to almost anything. Transformation and secrets are constantly present in the songwriting and in the music that The Hanged Man bring about. “As the Tower Fell” is the second full length album from The Hanged Man and will be released in March 2020 via Dubious Records.

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