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Hi! It’s me. That voice in your head. Your best friend and your curse. Your heartbeat while kissing, your rush to the train. Your eyes when you look through the window and your wings when you feel out from it. My name is Tola, I am 19 years old but age now isn’t that important, the thing is I want to get into your Musicland and see if you’re going to like me enough to let be stay or let me be. Your choice, it’s all about music, you and me. Perfect triangle. It can be our secret. I hope you’ll like my album “Yellow Stories” which appears to be my private emotional session. I think it has very wide spectrum of different feelings and laughs, so everybody should find a rhythm for themselves . I love all these butterflies that chokes my nerves everytime I go on stage. Or anytime I create piece I am very proud of. Writing songs, isn’t just about the catchy melody or on the other hand making some original, high brow content. It is all about you, and stories you want to tell, it is about helping other people smile, dance. To give them a chance to cry together. That how music became my friend. She learned me a lot about myself. As I said so, I am 19 years old. I was born in Warsaw. I started playing the guitar and singing when I was 9 which at the same time was a moment of me falling in love primary. I found out that was the perfect way of sharing your thoughts and nothing has changed since then. I like to think that your soul is art. So what can happen if we connect all sensitive minds? Masterpiece.

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