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ugla ugla is a quartet whose music borders on the nocturnal and the fabulous, delves into curious, oneiric spaces. Their music is a tale transporting the listener into a land of leaves, moss, and woods, full of narration rich in symbolic meanings, arising out of personal, feminine experience. On the tonal level, they are inspired by folk music of various cultures, joining vocal tradition with electronic and avant-garde experimentation. The band employs acoustic instrumentation, intertwining trance energy and delicacy. Their compositions are based on the technique of live looping, processing, and layering subsequent rudimental motifs. They experiment with timbre of the instruments using digital effects, and the form of their music remains open to improvisation. The band is led by Magdalena Sowul, a vocalist and clarinet player, the laureate of the 47th FAMA Festival in the Singer category, who writes the music and the lyrics.

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