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Vermona Kids took off in 2018 in Wołów, Poland, eventually joining four musicians from three different cities and different backgrounds or former bands (e.g. Turnip Farm, Blue Raincoat, Lutownica, Fueling The Fire): Bartek Tajak – vocals, guitar; Krystian Pilarczyk – drums; Marcin Lokś – guitar; Monika Bronowicka – bass.
In 2018/2019 the band wrote their debut album entitled “Very Sorry”, which was recorded and mixed by Przemysław Wejmann (Woody Alien, Holden Avenue, CF98), with mastering done by Dave Downham (Into It. Over It., Beach Slang, The Jazz June).
“Very Sorry” is a blend of dynamic emo post punk and breezy indie, at times heavy, loud and earnest, but also melodic, nostalgic and intimate. Set to release in the midst of summer ’19 with its lead single “North” out now!
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