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Wasio is a Polish composer, a songwriter, and a producer. During his 15 years of activity in music, he was nominated to Recording Academy Fryderyk (Polish Grammy) award and played hundreds of live performances sharing the stage with the biggest acts on the planet.  The new solo path is influenced by Wasio’s experience of working with Nashville based producer Vance Powell (Jack White, The Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys). Wasio’s style lies in between the subtlety of Jeff Buckley or Bon Iver, and folk songwriter’s world of Beck and Chris Stapleton. The name Wasio also serves for his band consisting of some of the most interesting musicians of the newer generation. The members are known for performing with top Polish music artists like Artur Rojek, Mela Koteluk or LemON. The release date for Wasio’s debut album is scheduled for Spring 2018. The instrumental part of the album was recorded by Jacek Milaszewski. The rest of the production was done by Marcin Bors.

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