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It will be Zamilska’s first appearance at Enea Spring Break and the first Poznań show in three years. She will showcase her new set off the upcoming album.  No details to share just yet except that demanding Enea Spring Break audience will have the first taste of new Zamilska. Zamilska LIVE set.

ZAMILSKA’S heavy, rhythmic sounds are filled with lots of bass. Though associated with techno, her music reaches way beyond the definition of the genre and it is not easy to pigeonhole. It oscillates between electronica, world music and noise. She takes inspirations from various sources: raw sounds taken from native Silesia, precisely interlaced with tribal chants and oriental elements. Holding sturdiness of an industrial grinder, pensive yet melodic, trance-like.

Her tracks were played on Radio BBC 6 Music by no other than Iggy Pop himself, Mary Anne Hobbs and Tom Ravenscroft. Nine Inch Nails recommended one of her tracks on their official Spotify playlist.

Recently ZAMILSKA stepped into the gaming world and contributed to the hottest release of the season: RUINER (Digital Dragon Award 2018 winner Best Polish Game Soundtrack). Her music features heavily throughout the game.

ZAMILSKA’S music hit the big screen, in Aleksandra Terpińska’s short film “The Best Fireworks Ever” (Cannes winner CANAL+ award for short film and the Rail d’Or award) and in a documentary “Tourists” for which she composed the entire soundtrack. Both films were screened during various international film festivals. On small screen her remix of Gazelle Twin’s “Belly of the Beast” was played on ABC series “How To Get Away With Murder”.

ZAMILSKA debuted back in 2014 with two singles: Quarrel and Duel 35 (which was used by Dior during one of the fashion shows featured in Tokyo). She had the opportunity to work on various musical (remixes) and fashion projects. She also toured Europe playing festivals such as Transmusicales, CTM, Primavera, Norbergfestival, TodaysArt, Insomnia, Fantoche among many other.

Her releases to date are: UNTUNE (album) 2014 and UNDONE (EP) 2016 (Nominated for Fryderyk Award). ZAMILSKA collaborated with Resina, Polish cellist and composer signed to FatCat Records, who lent her vocals on the newest track entitled “Closer”.

ZAMILSKA also took on a role of a music producer. She worked with Paulina Przybysz, on “Dzielne Kobiety”, track featured on “Chodz Tu”, album for which Przybysz received the Fryderyk 2017 award.

She hosts a weekly radio show “Nocny TransPort” on Polish National Radio Czwórka, where she plays an extensively eclectic music selection.

ZAMILSKA is restless in her search for new means of expression, inspirations, and strives for perfection. She keeps the bar high, which makes each new project a bit more interesting than a previous one.

Part of Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland Showcase

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