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Conference programme announced!


We are happy to announce the programme of the conference part of Enea Spring Break!

The main partner of the conference is Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland – DPWFP)!

Partners: Ticketmaster, ZPAV, INES

Below you can find programme of English spoken panels and workshops:


Kino Pałacowe CK Zamek



WORKSHOP: Data Gap – presented by International Music Managers Forum

Metadata, Value data, Usage data. Your content, your activity, your success, your data, your responsibility. Beyond which city, and which genre are you popular in, are there gaps in the data? If data informs your spending, marketing, and timing decisions, can you be more creative in your market strategy? Artists are not getting the data they need, is there a gap in your knowledge?

Led by: Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (IMMF)

Workshop powered by DPWFP.


Kino Pałacowe CK Zamek



PANEL: Is Central Europe ready to tackle the gender gap in music?

How can we ensure that festival programmes & the wider music industry across the whole of Europe remain relevant to audiences’ changing expectations? What practical steps could the music industry in Eastern Europe take to tackle inequality which is regularly exposed on social media and in the press?

Host: Vanessa Reed (PRS for Music Foundation / UK)

Speakers: Ola Krakowska (Alter Art / Poland), Laura Kriefman (Hellion Trace, Keychange / UK), Martiina Putnik (Music Estonia / Estonia), Dagmara Szastak (Jazz Art / Poland),

Panel powered by DPWFP.



KEYNOTE: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

It is no time to be complacent. We are about to go through another shift in the business. What does a post streaming world look like?

Speaker: Scott Cohen (Warner Music Group, Founder of The Orchard / UK)

Keynote powered by DPWFP.




Everything is on the move – in constant motion. Time is of the essence. HERE and NOW, that’s what is important. Faster than ever, better than ever, more than ever – new possibilities, new tools, rapidly and online!

Where do concerts goers buy tickets – mobile or desktop? Where do they search for shows?

Marketing creative ideas and CRM and data analytics abilities – how to combine those expectations, how to colaborate and achieve synergy? Finetuning customer communication in real time.

Speaker: Gareth Lloyd-Jones (Director, Digital Marketing Ticketmaster International)

Presentation powered by Ticketmaster.



PANEL: Showcase Bubble and how to escape it – Part 2

A continuation of a discussion started at MENT Ljubljana this year. Is “a showcase every weekend” an effective recipe for the music industry and artists? Is it distorting the real picture or making a new one? Is showcasing a solution or a tool? And what’s next?

You can watch the previous conversation here: https://www.ines-festivals.eu/conference/videos/the-showcase-bubble-and-how-to-escape-it/

Host: Matjaz Mancek (MENT / Slovenia)

Speakers: David Bali (HOTS / Hungary), Iwona Skwarek (Rebeka / Poland), Gabriela Szuba (Funny Vibe, Buslav / Poland), Tomasz Waśko (Enea Spring Break / Poland).

Panel powered by DPWFP.


Kino Pałacowe CK Zamek



PRESENTATION: Music in advertising and film – the system, the players – and you.

At a time where placing your music in a commercial or a movie is often declared the holy grail of music marketing, let us take a moment to look at it from your perspective. An open dialogue panel introduces you to the system, the procedures and the players. For young music business professionals.

Host: Nuno Saraiva (Westway Lab, Why Portugal / Portugal)

Speaker: Markus Linde (Thag`s Agent / Denmark)

Presentation powered by DPWFP .



PANEL: Facing the American Dream (with Matthew Covey)

American dream VS Polish musician. What needs to be considered when thinking about starting a career in the USA. Words of wisdom from the man who for over two decades has helped musicians from Europe to legally cross the American border.

Host: Michał Hajduk (IAM, DPWFP / Poland)

Speaker: Matthew Covey (Tamizdat / USA)

Panel powered by DPWFP.


New date of Enea Spring Break 2020


Due to measures taken by the Government it will not be possible to move forward with Enea Spring Break 2020 currently scheduled for 23-25 April. The festival will be rescheduled to10-12 September 2020. Be assured that the safety and health of artists, staff and fans is our main priority. We are monitoring and following the […]

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Natalia Nykiel at Enea Spring Break 2020!


One of the most important artists on Polish electronic and pop stage and author of album “Origo” nominated for Fryderyk award. Natalia Nykiel will perform at Enea Spring Break 2020! She stepped into the music market very confidently. Her debut album “Lupus Electro”, which was released in 2014, has revolutionized the Polish electronic and pop […]

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